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Is Variance Analysis worth it?

Here’s a question, since change is inevitable, don’t you think performing variance analysis is futile? The plan is anyways going to change, the baseline will anyways be rebaselined, with that …

Small Change vs Change Management


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Top 3 PMP Mock Exam resources based on PMBOK 6 | Best PMP Mock Test

We have received several requests over the last few weeks to share the PMP mock exam resources based on PMBOK 6. The last time we shared the PMP Mock Exam …

Functional and Non-functional Requirements

Integration Management

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What is the difference between Validate Scope, Control Quality and Close Project or Phase processes?

Validate Scope is part of Monitoring and Controlling Process Group and Scope Management Knowledge Area. In this process, the formal signoff from client/key stakeholders on completed deliverables is obtained Control …

What should you know about Expert Judgment?

Overview of Integration Management

How to deal with Change Requests?

Close Project or Phase Process

Project Management Basics

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The Iron Triangle of Project Management

If you have studied even the basics of Project Management, you must have definitely heard of the Iron Triangle of Project Management or one of its aliases, The Project Management …

Project vs Operation

PMP Practice Questions

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Vlogs – Lounging Around

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