Is learning the PG-KA mapping a must for PMP?

PG – Process Groups
KA – Knowledge Areas

Let’s dive right into the answer to the question – Is learning the PG-KA mapping a must for PMP?

The answer differs based on the kind of preparation one has done. If you can easily connect the processes with each other, for instance, how the WBS created in the Create WBS process in Scope KA is made use of in the processes in Time KA then you can go about without mugging up the entire PG-KA mapping. However, if a week before the exam you are still stuck and trying to understand how the processes inter-relate, it is much better to reconsider taking up the exam than mugging up the PG-KA mapping.

At the same time, if you are able to understand how the processes relate to each other then you should be able to draw the PG-KA mapping without much hassle too. Ofcourse, having the PG-KA mapping next to you (drawn by yourself in the rough paper) will come in handy at answering a few questions that may simply ask “what should the PM do next?”

Finally, understanding the interrelationship of processes should be the aspirant’s aim rather than simply mugging up the mapping.

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